Preventing Inflammation

As a society, we are experiencing the first generation which is projected to live shorter than their parents. Why? Because of the increasing numbers of people with diseases. At the root of all of these diseases is inflammation. Inflammation is what starts us down the slippery path to any medical ailment, including diabetes, heart disease, hypertens...
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Where are those resolutions?

So here we are – six weeks into the new year – and where are those resolutions? True to form, we all have wonderful intentions at the be...


Gratitude in the New Year

Every year on New Year’s Eve for the past ten years I have taken time to write out my goals for the new year. Over the years I have learne...


Reduce Inflammation and More: The Benefits of Exercise

When you read the list of ways that exercise improves health, it is mind-blowing. Think of it – exercise reduces the risk of chronic disea...

thyroid disease, tired businesswoman

Why Am I So Tired?

“It’s not too late to ask yourself if you really are the person you want to be, and if not, who you do want to be.” ~ Morrie Schwartz ...

how toxins affect the body
Environmental Toxins

How Toxins Affect the Body And Why We Need to Detoxify

Lately, I have been finding that I talk incessantly about toxins. I feel like a one-trick pony in that I relate every illness and even every...

treatment for adrenal fatigue
Adrenal Fatigue

Salt: An Essential Treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

Salt is one of my favorite topics. It is so essential to life and yet so very controversial, especially as it relates to the treatment for a...

Metabolic Medicine Rochester NY
Metabolic Medicine

What is Metabolic Medicine?

Are you “sick and tired of being sick and tired?” ~ Fannie Lou Hamer Are you tired of being prescribed more pills? Are you looking for ...

alternative medicine
Digestive System

Take Charge of Your Health!

Discover the hidden stressors that are taking a toll on your body and learn how you can feel great again! Did you know stress, toxins, and...

thyroid treatment
Hormone Imbalance

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy And Does It Really Work?

Do you feel miserable? Are you achy? Have you lost your zest for life? Do you feel like your body is getting old and your mind is not as sha...