Reduce Inflammation and More: The Benefits of Exercise

When you read the list of ways that exercise improves health, it is mind-blowing. Think of it – exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and heart disease. It improves cholesterol panels by increasing good cholesterol and lowering both bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Exercise reduces insulin resista...
thyroid disease, tired businesswoman

Why Am I So Tired?

“It’s not too late to ask yourself if you really are the person you want to be, and if not, who you do want to be.” ~ Morrie Schwartz ...

how toxins affect the body
Environmental Toxins

How Toxins Affect the Body And Why We Need to Detoxify

Lately, I have been finding that I talk incessantly about toxins. I feel like a one-trick pony in that I relate every illness and even every...

treatment for adrenal fatigue
Adrenal Fatigue

Salt: An Essential Treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

Salt is one of my favorite topics. It is so essential to life and yet so very controversial, especially as it relates to the treatment for a...

Metabolic Medicine Rochester NY
Metabolic Medicine

What is Metabolic Medicine?

Are you “sick and tired of being sick and tired?” ~ Fannie Lou Hamer Are you tired of being prescribed more pills? Are you looking for ...

alternative medicine
Digestive System

Take Charge of Your Health!

Discover the hidden stressors that are taking a toll on your body and learn how you can feel great again! Did you know stress, toxins, and...

thyroid treatment
Hormone Imbalance

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy And Does It Really Work?

Do you feel miserable? Are you achy? Have you lost your zest for life? Do you feel like your body is getting old and your mind is not as sha...

HCG weight loss

The Truth about HCG Weight Loss

Our doctor-supervised HCG weight loss program, organized by Michelle Beh, Sr. Consultant for HCG, is a safe, effective way to lose weight. ...

HCG weight loss
HCG weight loss

How Does the HCG Weight Loss Program Work?

Many patients are nervous to begin our HCG weight loss program until they learn how it works. Take at look at the program details to ease yo...

HCG diet
HCG weight loss

What is Homeopathic HCG vs. Doctor-Prescribed HCG?

“Is there a difference between the HCG that Dr. Leila uses in her HCG program and the HCG I can get on the internet or in stores?” We o...

weight loss Rochester NY
HCG weight loss

Why Does Weight Loss Plateau During the HCG Program?

"The minute you think about giving up, think of the reasons you held on for so long." Many patients experience a weight loss plateau during...

HCG weight loss
HCG weight loss

How to Stay on HCG Weight Loss for the Holidays

The holidays present a unique challenge to those on any weight loss program, but especially the HCG weight loss program. Holiday parties alm...