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June 2015 Issue:

newsletter - journey to the inside of the cell

Inflammation:  The Deeper Meaning of Aches & Pains Video is now available for download.  Watch a preview.  Purchase the entire seminar video for just $30.


Healthy Guts - 6 Week Program
June 3 - July 8

  • Do you have digestive or intestinal issues that restrict what you do?
  • Are they impacting your quality of life?
  • Do they get worse when you are stressed or anxious?
  • Do you suffer from stomach pain, bloating, constipation, or nausea?
  • Do you need to use TUMS frequently?
  • Are you frustrated when doctors tell you that all of your tests are normal and that you just “have to live with it?”

HEALTHY GUTS is a 6-week program given by Dr. Zendi Moldenhauer, PhD,NNP,PNP, RN. Each small-group session will include a power-point presentation, questionnaires to help you figure out your personal GUT issues with practical tips and suggestions, a question and answer session, hand-outs with nutritional recommendations, and mind-body exercises. Participants will be part of a private facebook page where they can ask Dr. Zendi questions and support each other.

Cost is $210 ($35 per class)

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