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April 2015 Issue
Inflammation:  The Deeper Meaning of Aches and Pains

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April 25, 2015 - 8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Deeper Meaning of Aches & Pains
How Toxins, Allergens and the Gut Affect Daily Life

Join Dr. Leila, Dr. Pam and Dr. Zendi as they put on their second information-packed seminar on The Deeper Meaning of Aches & Pains at the Rochester Museum & Science Center, Eisenhart Auditorium.  Topics include:

  • Inflammation:  The Root of All Evil for Diseases
  • Genes and Toxins:  Finding the Nutritional Bipass to Your Genetic Code
  • Leaky Gut:  Remove the Triggers and Restore Your Health
  • Fire in the Gut / Fire In the Brain:  The Gut-Brain Link
  • Download Conference Flyer

Ticket Cost:

  • Before Friday, April 24th tickets are $40
  • After April 24 and at the door:  $50
  • Seating is Limited.  RSVP by clicking on the link below or call our office at (585) 773-4777.



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