Will my visit be covered by insurance?

In the current health care system, insurance companies dictate what kind of care you receive, based on how much they’re willing to pay.

They give doctors incentives to order certain tests and tell them how often they should perform exams. They decide how much time doctors are allowed to spend with patients for certain problems, and they determine the prescription order for various diseases. The insurance carriers may bypass the patient’s true problem, and leave you feeling frustrated. You just want to feel healthier!

Dr. Leila’s team approaches medicine from a functional perspective. We use comprehensive testing to precisely determine the underlying imbalances that cause the patient to feel unwell, and then use supplements, often in place of medications, to help that person feel better. Dr. Leila spends 45 minutes with each person. If Dr. Leila’s practice accepted insurance, we would not be able to be as thorough as we are, nor spend as much time with each person as we do.

Many times, patients can get part of their provider’s fee reimbursed as an “out-of-network” doctor. Patients should call their insurance carriers to find out what kind of out-of-network coverage they have. Each provider will give their patients a fee ticket that has all of the appropriate codes they need to get reimbursement from their insurance company.