Lisa Seltzer

Lisa Seltzer, NP


Hi, I’m Lisa Seltzer. I’m incredibly excited to be part of Dr. Leila’s practice! I feel I’ve really found a home here that fits with my desire to help and support people in their quest for beautiful, amazing, robust health. Having recently come from many years in a hospital setting, I’ve embarked on a journey of discovery beyond pharmaceuticals to a world where there is an abundance of natural and healthy alternatives, and there are so many!  I have been exploring alternatives to pharmaceuticals in managing my own health with such noticeable and positive results that I am truly inspired. This practice does not follow a one size fits all kind of model, and for a practitioner like me who loves to solve puzzles of all kinds, delving into the particulars of each individual’s story makes for such a rewarding partnership between healthcare professional and patient. Together I have confidence we can solve your individual health puzzle.

Lisa graduated from Ithaca College with her Bachelor of Art in Biology Education in 2006. She became an EMT in 2008, then graduated from Drexel University with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2011. She moved to Rochester, NY in 2013, where she worked as a nurse in the medical observation unit at URMC, and obtained her Masters of Nurse Practitioner in the field of Adult Gerontology in Primary Care. She is completing training in functional medicine through the Functional Medicine University.