metabolic medicine

Doug & Beth

When we reached the very end of our rope, Dr. Kirdani was able to tie a knot and encourage us to hold on. Having two girls with rather complex life altering diagnoses had resulted in travel to specialists, hospitals, and a plethora of tests, reports, diagnoses, and pharmaceuticals, but NO hope for improvement. A friend recommended that we visit Dr. Kirdani and our experience has been nothing short of miraculous. With kindness, grace, and humor, Dr. Kirdani listened, pondered, poured over the genetic testing and blood work results to establish a step-by-step, individualized approach for both our girls. We have watched their transformations with awe and wonder as our daughters reclaimed their health and essentially their ability to live life. Dr. Kirdani is a gift to this family and I am certain to many others whose lives have been reclaimed and forever changed.