Metabolic Medicine Rochester NY

What is Metabolic Medicine?

Are you “sick and tired of being sick and tired?” ~ Fannie Lou Hamer

Are you tired of being prescribed more pills? Are you looking for a different approach to your health?  An approach that will actually get to the bottom of why you aren’t feeling well?

Metabolic and functional medicine might be what you are looking for.

Providers specializing in metabolic and functional medicine use the latest scientific research to understand the chemical processes that the body relies on to function optimally. They study how and why those processes break down and cause problems that can lead to a variety of health problems. They are then able to use natural remedies to bring the body back into balance and optimal functioning again.

What is Metabolic Medicine?

Metabolism refers to the chemical changes in living cells by which energy is provided for vital processes, and new material is assimilated to form new cells. Metabolic medicine is the treatment of disease using the body’s natural biochemistry along with current scientific research to support the body’s best functioning and the optimal health of patients. Metabolic medicine essentially refers to healing from the inside out.

Our metabolism is made up of thousands of chemical processes that are taking place – without our consciously being aware of them. The cells of the body convert the food that we eat into both energy to fuel these processes as well as new proteins to keep us alive and well. A metabolic disorder can arise that will eventually lead to a disease if …

  • The body doesn’t have the correct fuel to perform these functions
  • There are genetic defects in the enzymes that are responsible for these processes
  • There are toxins on board that prevent the body from functioning properly.

Metabolic and functional providers look for the underlying reason why someone is not feeling well.

  • Is it toxins?
  • Is it diet?
  • Is it nutrient deficiency?
  • Is it a genetic defect?

We are like detectives on the case, turning over every stone to piece together the puzzle of a patient’s health. We understand that each person has a unique genetic makeup that will react differently to the environment. We utilize extensive lab testing and look at optimal values rather than normal values to determine what is not working well for that person. We then make individualized recommendations regarding what foods work best with your body and what supplements will optimize its functioning

You might think this describes all physicians, but in reality, traditional medicine (or allopathic medicine) uses man-made pharmaceuticals to alter the natural process of a patient’s metabolism. The drugs prevent unwanted symptoms from being expressed, creating artificial health, rather than truly fixing the underlying problem.   

Metabolic medicine is one of the fastest-growing medical subspecialties in the world. It’s known by many names, including:

  • Functional medicine
  • Anti-aging medicine
  • Integrative medicine

Why Turn to Metabolic and Functional Medicine?

So why do so many patients prefer metabolic and functional medicine to prevent and treat disease as opposed to traditional healthcare?  

Metabolic and functional medicine providers look at the body and mind as a whole. They understand that many factors, including lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, nutrition intake, and hormone balance can deplete the body’s natural reserves, affecting how patients think and feel. Traditional doctors target a single condition, without considering overarching factors that could be negatively affecting the patient’s overall health.

A metabolic and functional medicine provider identifies where the normal metabolic process breaks down, why disease has settled in, and then seeks to restore optimal health by prescribing missing or deficient nutrients or hormones. They suggest lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and stress reduction to help restore the balance that is missing in the body.

Finally, they recommend a personalized regimen of supplements to fix the underlying metabolic imbalance, strengthen the body naturally, and attempt to prevent the same problem from happening again. The entire process from the initial consultation to experiencing positive results takes more time and careful review than a traditional medical visit, but the results are impressive and well worth the time and effort.  

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