weight loss testimonial

Shelley A. Rochester, NY

Dr. Leila and her staff have successfully changed my life! Years of seemingly smart, but obviously questionable food choices combined with a healthy dose of emotional or mindless eating left me feeling (and looking) less-than-my-best. Michele expertly guided me through a better understanding of what my body truly needs, and helped me kick cravings for foods I thought I’d never be able to live without! My overall health has exponentially improved and I feel amazing. My energy levels are consistent without the peaks and valleys I had typically experienced throughout the day. My blood pressure is perfect. My moods are more even. I have the libido of a much younger woman (or man!) and best of all: I am happily buying a new wardrobe! My only regret is I wish I met Dr. Leila sooner. I am healthier today at the age of 42 than I was in my 20’s or 30’s, and dare I say: I look better, too! I have finally achieved success by re-programming my mind and body – thanks to Dr. Leila and Michele.