HCG weight loss testimonial

Janis W., Lakeville, NY

Muffin tops are good for a breakfast treat. But muffin tops are not good when they sit at the waist of your jeans. I asked myself, “Where did this come from?” I am a very active person, exercise regularly, and eat healthy. Why can’t I lose weight? Why do I keep gaining weight?

Michelle answered all of these questions for me. Through her nutritional knowledge and guidance I have been able to finally lose and keep it under my control. She would always say, “I am only a phone call away if you have questions.” I was never hungry on the program and found the recipe ideas delicious and easy to prepare.

I am still eating healthy but have added more protein to my diet and drink more water. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I can comfortably wear ANYTHING in my closet. But now some things are too big!