The Basics of Hormone Balancing


Why are we all more tired than we want to be and what can we do about it? In her ebook, The Basics of Hormone Balancing, Dr. Leila Kirdani reveals how stress can affect our energy levels and cause our sex-hormones and thyroid to be out of balance as well. Hormones are the messengers between cells, helping to keep us healthy and functioning well. Learn how you can overcome the affects of stress and feel wonderful.


  • "Dr Kirdani discusses the interrelation between stress and hormones in an easily readable and understandable way. In this book she gets to the very basics of why Americans don't feel as good as they want to and describes simple tools for how we can all feel better. I highly recommend this book for everyone who wants to improve their quality of life!"
    Richard B. Moon, R.Ph, PharmD
    Pharmacy Innovations, Syracuse, New York
  • "I know I found my medical angel in Dr. Leila! I trust her with what matters most, my family. Our 25 year old son lost 80 pounds with her help also. I wish everyone could be blessed with a doctor like Leila Kirdani and her understanding of Bio Identical hormones, and anti aging practice. It truly is the best call I've ever made. She and her staff have truly changed my life.Michelle you rock too. Now I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my life knowing Dr. Leila will help me feel my best in it all."
    Rochester, NY
  • "With her new book, Hormone Balancing: The Basics, Leila Kirdani. MD has finally provided a clear and concise guide that addresses the many questions patients have regarding hormone replacement therapy. Her book is both well written and organized and, thus, easy to read. Her entertaining style never overwhelms the reader with technical medical jargon. Along with being informative Dr. Kirdani dispels some of the confusion and myth surrounding this vitally important subject. Her book is timely and will become increasingly relevant as the population of the U.S ages."
    Pamela W. Smith, M.D., MPH, MS
    Co-Director, Master's Program in Medical Sciences with a concentration in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine, University of South Florida College of Medicine