Weight Loss (HCG)

I LOVE my HCG program! Not only is it a quick way to lose pounds and inches, it is one of the few ways I know to “reset” the metabolism, making it easier to lose weight even after you have completed the program. How cool is that?


Throughout history, human beings have experienced feast and famine. Our bodies have had to adapt to times of “storing fat” and “releasing fat.” In our modern society, however, we generally eat three meals a day and often with snacks. Many of our foods now have hidden calories that whole foods do not have. This overabundance of food and calories all of the time dysregulates the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a gland deep in the brain that regulates the amount of body fat we have and when we should be storing it or releasing it. When we are eating three meals a day and a general overabundance of calories, the hypothalamus becomes confused and forgets that we have extra fat. Even when we try dieting the fat just won’t come off.
HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is the hormone that women’s bodies will produce during pregnancy to release fat stores for the baby. HCG actually primes the hypothalamus to burn that stubborn adipose fat around the hips, thighs, and tummy when used with a feast/famine approach.


It takes seventy-two hours for HCG to prime the hypothalamus, during which time we can have the most fun, because the first two days on HCG are gorge days. Eat as much as you can, as often as you can, and it has to be high sugar and high fat! This is the time to get in all of those tasty treats that we try so hard to hold off on! It is important to set up the “feast” signal for the hypothalamus while the HCG is taking effect, so that the third day, when you switch over to the low calorie portion of the program, the hypothalamus gets the clear signals to start burning adipose fat. With the hypothalamus being triggered in this way, the body can then release 2000 calories per day from stored adipose. Even though you are only eating between 700 to 900 calories on the program, your body is really seeing 2700 to 2900 calories. You don’t feel hungry, but you are losing pounds and inches from your body!


The cost of the initial round is $500 and includes:

  • Four office visits
  • Written materials including detailed instructions on how to start, how to be on, and how to transition off the low-calorie diet. Also included is an extensive recipe book to help you maintain variety and interest in the foods you are eating
  • Isalean Isagenix breakfast shake to last one month
  • Ketosticks to check your urine and make sure you are burning fat
  • The cost of the HCG itself is not included, as it comes from the compounding pharmacy.


    During the first visit you are weighed, measured, and given detailed instructions on the program. Dr. Leila reviews your medical history and covers any medical concerns you may have. Because HCG is a controlled substance in NYS, it takes about a week to arrive from the pharmacy in the mail. During this week I encourage you to review your materials and mentally prepare for a low calorie diet. Even though you won’t feel hungry, you may feel a little strange about eating so little food.


    The second visit is typically two weeks after the first – after you have been on the diet and HCG for about a week. You will be weighed and measured again, and any questions or concerns you have will be answered.


    The third visit is in another week. At this point we will be discussing how to transition off the program and maintain your weight.


    Your fourth visit is at the end of the twenty-one days for a final weigh, measure, BMI, and blood pressure. Experience the joy that comes from successfully burning belly fat!
    Afterwards is a three-week transition period off of the HCG weight loss program, during which fats and carbohydrates are added back into your diet. At any time during transition or any time at all during the program, we are always available to answer any questions or concerns. In fact, we prefer when you communicate with us and let us know how you are doing.


    You may stay on HCG for a total of six week if you so desire. However, after six weeks on HCG you must take a break otherwise your body may develop antibodies against the HCG and it will no longer effectively burn fat. The cost of any addition rounds after the initial three weeks is $300.

    HCG Success Stories

    Janis W., Lakeville, NY *

    Muffin tops are good for a breakfast treat. But muffin tops are not good when they sit at the waist of your jeans. I asked myself, “Where did this come from?” I am a very active person, exercise regularly, and eat healthy. Why can’t I lose weight? Why do I keep gaining weight?
    Michelle answered all of these questions for me. Through her nutritional knowledge and guidance I have been able to finally lose weight and keep it under my control. She would always say, “I am only a phone call away if you have questions.” I was never hungry on the program and found the recipe ideas delicious and easy to prepare.
    I am still eating healthy but have added more protein to my diet and drink more water. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I can comfortably wear ANYTHING in my closet. But now some things are too big!

    Shelley A., Rochester, NY *

    Dr. Leila and her staff have successfully changed my life! Years of seemingly smart, but obviously questionable food choices combined with a healthy dose of emotional or mindless eating left me feeling (and looking) less-than-my-best. Michele expertly guided me through a better understanding of what my body truly needs, and helped me kick cravings for foods I thought I’d never be able to live without! My overall health has exponentially improved and I feel amazing. My energy levels are consistent without the peaks and valleys I had typically experienced throughout the day. My blood pressure is perfect. My moods are more even. I have the libido of a much younger woman (or man!) and best of all: I am happily buying a new wardrobe! My only regret is I wish I met Dr. Leila sooner. I am healthier today at the age of 42 than I was in my 20’s or 30’s, and dare I say: I look better, too! I have finally achieved success by re-programming my mind and body – thanks to Dr. Leila and Michele.

    David *

    I was referred to Dr. Leila Kirdani by my sister Anne. I had just left my primary care physician’s office with an Rx for high blood pressure medication, an appointment with the lab for cholesterol blood work and pretty positive I had sleep apnea. I told Anne I need to do something, just don’t know what. “I am not taking all these maintenance medications the rest of my life!” “Just go see Dr. Leila, she straightened me out, I was a mess” was Anne’s response. I made an appointment for the next week. The HCG program was started shortly after my first visit. This diet sounded extreme to me initially, but I needed an extreme solution so I committed to it. With very few exceptions, I had more energy, enjoyed eating great food and my overall mood was better. The little tricks on snacking, portion control and supplements we covered in our weekly appointments to measure progress made it very easy to not be hungry and have the fat just drop right off. I owe Dr. Leila and Michelle more than I can repay. They added years to my life, how do you put a value on that? I am sixty plus pounds lighter and have a bunch of new pants. I take no maintenance medications and my blood pressure has been consistently 100/60. I feel excellent and encourage you to please take advantage of the help that is available to you. Dr. Leila Kirdani understands what your body is trying to tell you and how to let it know you are paying attention and make it happy.

    I had a realization the other day when I was carrying a bag of concrete down basement stairs. It was my sixth or seventh trip and I was starting to sweat. I carried a bag of concrete around with me for 25 years, no wonder I was falling apart…

    I like protein, so eating red meat, crab, shrimp and chicken most of the day was really pretty awesome. I actually could afford to eat more expensive food and enjoy it more for less than I would normally spend. How great is that? The foods I enjoy now are so much different than before, those traditional comfort food cravings are gone. My cravings and taste buds just changed. I think it is because my mind and body know what to eat to keep feeling this way.

    I just became a grandfather and thanks to Dr. Leila and Michelle, I feel physically and mentally better than the day I became a father.

    Andrew *

    I had become pretty used to the fact that I would always have a beer belly. I really noticed it when my wife started to work out and I would look at pictures and it seemed that no matter what I did, I just couldn’t lose the spare tire. Now mind you I am 24, and was on my way to 275 lbs., which I was around the time of my wedding. I knew I had to change something when I would actually get winded talking. I heard about the whole HCG program and had my reservations. There was no way it would work, there is no way I can diet, I love food too much, etc. But after some convincing I decided to try the program. The diet did scare me because it was quite restricted, but I was in it so I figured why not — what’s the worst that can happen?

    Believe it or not the entire time I did the HCG program I never felt hungry, not once. The only time (which shocked me) was when I said to my wife, “I’m hungry, well…no I’m not hungry — I’m just bored.” That statement right there at that point was a little revelation in itself. I would eat because I had nothing better to do. But I digress.

    I went from a high of 259 lbs. at my peak of the program, to a current 205 lbs. I feel great. I haven’t been this size since high school. This program really works and the staff at the office was extremely helpful. Anytime I had a question, they would answer. I have recommended this to just about everyone I know! I couldn’t believe the results. I was on the second to last hole on my monster belt when I started, now I have punched 4 holes smaller in that same belt. One piece of advice with this program, you better budget yourself an entire new wardrobe, unless you are like me and kept clothes that barely fit you from HIGH SCHOOL.


    * Individual results may vary from person to person.