HCG weight loss

How Does the HCG Weight Loss Program Work?

Many patients are nervous to begin our HCG weight loss program until they learn how it works. Take at look at the program details to ease your mind. HCG is perfectly safe and effective!

What to Expect on our HCG Weight Loss Program

An initial consult takes about an hour. We discuss the program with our patients on an individual basis to figure out what their specific diet should be, according to each situation. We weigh and measure you, record your BMI, fat index, and blood pressure. With your permission, we might also take a “before” picture since a picture really does say a thousand words. Most patients don’t see the difference because they look at themselves every day, but it is truly amazing when they see proof of the transformation!

The HCG Diet

The original protocol in the 1950s was 500 calories per meal, starting your day with half a grapefruit and coffee. Today, we live much more stressful lives and live in a toxic environment, so your diet is determined according to that. We start patients with 700 calories and proceed from there.

A basic plan starts with a protein shake in the morning and a protein, veggie, or salad for lunch and dinner. We also may allow snacks throughout the day. Patients are allowed 2 fruit portions a day to be eaten with a meal or protein. The workbook includes a list of foods that the program allows.

Details about How HCG Works

The program includes a protein shake for your first round. A “round” is 3 weeks long because it takes 21 days to form a new habit. In this system, we teach patients how to change their habits toward food. We want everyone to learn how to have control over food, not to let food have the control.

Many patients are surprised to discover that they eat for many reasons apart from hunger. Patients are not hungry during this program, which makes it easy to stick to. We are always here for support, just a phone call away.

If you have any questions, contact us by calling our Rochester NY office at 585.773.4777 or our Central NY office at 315.792.3686. You can also email us at info@drliela.com.